Welcome to Yuinique


Hi, my name is Yui. Just a girl who has grown into a woman who would like to make a difference in this world. My life’s journey has been full of hurdles, obstacles, heartache, disappointment, injustice, discrimination, and so forth. I, however, still managed to stay optimistic and survived through all that negativity despite the difficulties thrown in my path. Being a woman in this harsh world has made me stronger in which ignite a profound will to build this company.
Yuinique is formed under the impression of emboldening individuals to embrace their uniqueness and be proud.
I have a dream to form a career I love while creating an impact in people’s lives in those who are looking for positive change. I’m hopeful to gain your trust and be worthy of your loyalty as a customer.
In the past, I have had such low self-esteem and would undoubtedly take actions against my inner character in order to be accepted and fitted within the majority. As a result, I ended up living somebody else’s life. My life is full of ugly truth and countless failures. I have undeniably made mistakes just like everyone else has. Yuinique’s goal is to create an environment to encourage strong independent females.
All of my designs have meanings behind them, inspired by my life experiences and observations of others’. You are welcome to interpret however it fits into your personal situation. It would mean the world to me if you allowed for me to be part of your journey as I’ll open up to let you into mine.
Yuinique invites you to be yourself unapologetically and be proud of it; whether it’s being your identity, color, difference, fault, imperfection, quirkiness, weirdness, nerdiness, etc. I want to remind you that your “humanness” doesn’t depend on people’s opinions and judgement of you. Just be you and stand your ground, the world will adjust.
So….. Would you like to be Yuinique with me?